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e-Book access to Mind Maps of Clinical Research Basics & Mind Maps of Pharmacovigilance Basics

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Lessons designed by Amrita Akhouri

Author of Internationally Selling Books on Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance

Improve your probability of success in  the field of Clinical Research

Improve your awareness about Job roles and equip yourself with the right skill-sets for a bright Career

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Books Authored by Amrita Akhouri

Book - Mind Maps of Pharmacovigilance Basics

A unique book that is super helpful in improving the subject fundamentals

Concepts presented in simple & easy to understand Mind Maps

Pictorial depiction - Easy and Quick revision possible

Special focus for the freshers (first-time job seekers in Drug Safety)

Mind Maps of Clinical Research Basics


350+ Mind Maps for easy understanding of the subject


Pictorial depiction for easy revision and recall


Short Notes


Special focus on Job Roles in Clinical Research.  Extremely helpful for freshers (first-time job seekers)

Mind Maps of Pharmacovigilance Basics

Translated & Published in Arabic


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The videos are really helpful and the best thing about the sessions is the way that it delivers contents, be it the pdfs or the videos. I love the way how user friendly the platform is. A one-stop solution for clinic based research

Siddhant (Klinibytes Member)

Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences, Hapur, UP

i appreciate your efforts to make the concepts of clinical trials and pharmacovigilance simplified for the readers. this portal and your books are really very useful for the pharmacology postgraduates and faculty. especially i am a fan of your mind-map books too. best wishes to write and share many more books and learning resources for all

Klinibytes Member


I find the videos extremely helpful for understanding the subject pharmacovigilance as you have very well presented all of the concepts in a simplified manner that we can comprehend & remember.

Klinibytes Member


Lessons uniquely designed with relevant illustrations good audio quality making them easy to comprehend just goes into memory .

A must for students and enthusiasts

Dr. R M Sahay (Klinibytes Member)

Patna, Bihar